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Dermafence's Ltd. Products are a kind of "liquid bandages" that form a thin layer on skin upon application and PREVENT the progression of wounds AFTER BURNS – following absorption of any kind of energy including: thermal-, mechanical (chafing)-, radiation- and laser-mediated burn injuries.


Dermafence Ltd

OTC & Medical Device paths.  

First Aid "liquid-bandage"

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Dermafence Ltd

Vision and Mission

Dermafence Ltd

Dermafence products are “game changers” in the field of burn injuries, and offer the real potential to eradicate the negative effects of burns by totally preventing- or dramatically attenuating the painful wound progression with the promotion of rapid, thorough, incisionless, scar-free healing. 


Dermafence’s OTC first aid burn formulations are part of gold standard therapies for the millions of people each year who could potentially suffer first-degree, superficial and deep second- to third-degree burns.


Dermafence's products will become an integral part of any first aid kit in the home, work, school, sport clubs and the military. It will also be used in professional settings such as physician and outpatient clinics, ER departments and hospital dermatology and burn units.



Dermafence Ltd
Dermafence Ltd

A Widespread and Costly Injury

Dermafence Ltd

Complications associated with burn injuries can arise despite application of existing early burn management, and even low intensity treatment for moderate burns can cost $200,000 per treatment or more if there are complications.[1]


Although there are no exact statistics on how many people experience burns (of any kind), we do know that, worldwide, at least 6,000,000 patients seek treatment for burn injuries each year, making burns a severe burden on healthcare systems. In 2015 in the US alone, 486,000 patients received hospital and emergency room treatment for burns, the vast majority of which occurred at home or in the workplace. Of these, ~50,000 required hospitalization and treatments that cost more than $10.4 billion.[2-3]


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Dermafence Ltd

The DermaFence Breakthrough


Dermafence Ltd

Dermafence Ltd. has developed an innovative, proprietary technology, for the treatment of energy-mediated skin injuries (burns). 

The technology is based on a novel mechanism of action with a unique GRAS formulation, barring energy and its progression to deeper skin layers.

Our skin is the largest organ in the body and it serves multiple critical functions. Due to the existence of the "skin barrier", the skin regulates the body temperature, prevents fluid loss by evaporation, and functions as a hermetic barrier against infection.

A burn is an injury to the skin which has an acute phase that starts with a "trigger" (any energy applied to the skin including heat, radiation, laser, radioactivity, electricity, friction or chemicals) damaging the "skin barrier" which continues to a chronic phase where a wound is formed. 


The severity of a burn is a function of the intensity of the energy (e.g. heat) and its duration of its contact with the skin.

Thermal- mechanical- radiation- mediated injury to the skin triggers a “domino effect” and a chain of events of wound progression, 

Dermafence has developed a breakthrough first aid burn formulation that restores and protects epidermal "skin barrier" function following exposure to insults that introduce energy to the skin.

Dermafence Ltd

Market Overview

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The Company

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Dermafence is a young start-up, privately held limited company, incorporated under the laws of the State of Israel.

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Key Personnel


Mark Richter Dayan MD

MD Emergency Medicine, Several Centers and Hospitals

Chagit Pedael Levin Adv.

Partner, Sichel Pedael & Co., Law Offices

Nir Basa MSc

Molecular Biology, Israel Ministry of Economy



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